Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I choose from different medical care providers and services?

 We work with a large number of available physicians, hospitals, and clinics. Our services include a listing of medical care providers and information on the medical care providers for your selection. We are here to provide you with available medical care packages and you can select a package available that is most suitable to your preference and budget. We also offer packages inclusive of the medical care procedure at the medical care facility of your choice, accommodations such as places to stay, airport and city transfers for all the medical consultations and procedures.

2. What is the procedure? Before traveling? After traveling?  During the medical care

We want you to be confident of your trip and the medical care procedure that you will undergo. We recommend that you make as many pre-procedure inquiries you need in order to feel confident about your decision. We encourage you to make email, telephone and/or video-conference contact with your doctor, which we will facilitate, before requesting the treatment. It is important to be completely aware of your treatment and recovery. Your doctor may ask you for all the necessary examinations, diagnostic reports and photos, which you will need to send to him in order to analyze the feasibility of treatment before traveling. If you do not speak English, we can provide, upon request, a translator during pre-treatment consultations.

3. How do I know if I’m getting the best care?

      Our list of partners include licensed, board-certified, qualified, experienced and respected doctors in their respective specialties. We recommend that you review your potential doctor’s resume, and make as many pre-treatment inquiries as you need to feel comfortable about your choice. We only list and work with the country’s major hospitals and medical centers, and we will provide you with all the details regarding the medical center of your choice prior to treatment.

4. Can someone come with me?


Yes! In fact, bringing a family member or a friend for care, support and company would be ideal. We can also make all the arrangements needed by the person or group of persons traveling with you.

5. How can you help or advice me with my special needs?

We will offer you choices, and ultimately, the kind of care you want or need is up to you. We will give you all the relevant information about the doctor and facilities available to you so that you can make the best choice. We will not offer advice or advocate for a particular doctor or facility. You are the decision maker when it comes to your medical care.